Road Transport

Whether you are Hauliers, Light Hauliers, Couriers, Logistics, Despatch Companies, Freight Forwarders, Removers, Man with a Van or any other service that involves the transporting of other peoples goods we take the time to understand your business and make sure we get that message across to the underwriters who work out the premiums.

If you are involved in transporting goods using vehicles we understand that your business will suffer if your vehicle cannot be used and so in some instances we may be able to provide you with the option to buy cover for a guaranteed replacement vehicle.

Spending hours on the road can increase the risk of being involved in accidents but that does not mean your drivers are going to be the ones at fault; We can provide a quote that can include front facing vehicle cameras meaning your insurers may not have to pay out on as many claims which could result in your costs going down

We can accommodate clients who transport ADR categorised goods

For risks involving work abroad we can often provide annual green cards

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