Motor Fleet

Not all fleet insurance is the same, there can be huge difference in the levels of cover provided; Whilst we specialise in The Waste & Road Transport Industries we can provide quotes for most businesses including wholesalers, Civil Engineers, Coach Operators and taxi fleets.

Our quotes all include independent legal expenses and we make use of the insurances companies own claims department when dealing with any incidents you may suffer. In certain circumstances we can provide guaranteed vehicle replacement cover for an additional premium.

Claims costs are constantly increasing and one way to help keep our clients claims costs to a minimum is the use of vehicle cameras. Our insurers will provide, at an annual fixed cost, cameras for your vehicles. These cameras automatically transmit imagry to our claims teams in the event of an impact which means claims are dealt with promptly and first hand evidence is automatically obtained to help prove when your driver is not at fault; this can save the insurer money which, in turn, can bring your premium down.

Guaranteed premium reductions can also be agreed with our insurers if you sign up to a three year deal and your claims costs remain below a certain level. Signing up for 3 years will also guarantee the maximum rate your premium can go up by if you are unfortunate and have a bad claims year. This means if you start with us on a competitive rate you are in control of keeping it. Cash Flow planning is easy and you don’t have to get quotes every year from several sources saving you time and money

We wont waste your time; if we don’t think we can help we will be straight forward and tell you but in most cases if you really are prepared to work with us we will be hard to beat.